Juanita Yeager, Studio Quilt Artist
     My art is about color.  It warms my heart and sings to my soul.
I am a self taught quilt maker and artist.  After many years of exploring different art making techniques and trying my hand at a wide variety of crafts; quilt making not being one of them. Quite by chance, I happened upon a program on PBS one Saturday morning in the Winter of 1983. 
Taking a break from my chores, I sat down and watched.   Quilts and the  making of them  was new to me. Despite me not liking the color choices or the calico prints the quilt maker was using I found I was  drawn to the process and intrigued by way the geometric shapes fit together into patterns.   First came the skills, then the color.
I dye my own cotton and silk fabric.  When the design dictates I will use pieces of commercial cotton cloth in my compositions 

In 2009, soon after I moved to central Florida I began using artist grade watercolor pigments to paint large scale whole cloth floral images.  My first efforts were on cotton, but I quickly moved to using silk exclusively.  To achieve my desired degree of realism I use a sewing machine and free motion stitching for texture and lines for dimension.  Additional depth and shadow is accomplished with inks, and other fabric friendly mediums.  
     Thanks for visiting my website.  
My work is for sale and I wecome commissions.  

2005(c)  Juanita Yeager  
Commissioned art work installed Jan/2006
Floyd Memorial Hospital, Main Lobby
New Albaany, Indiana
60" x 144"
Artist dyed and commercial cotton fabrics